We seem to have had some difficulty with the team at the World Self Management Institute in Jamaica being able to log in at the site http://mybreath.tk I want to take a moment to let everyone know when they arrive at that site they will be able to join by using google twitter facebook or yahoo.com Identities. I will be speaking with doctor desmond green later today and hopefully the situation with logging and will be resolved it really has been some what of a mystery


As I write this blog post, through the miracles of modern technology a small machine is literally transcribing my breath into the word you are reading on the screen. At the same time, our brothers and sisters are creating with their breaths a literal symphony of joy and self expression as the world self management institute comes together as a symphony indeed not a symposium with a single speaker and a multitude of listeners but as the collective breath consciousness expressing itself. We await no pun intended with bated breath, as the expression in musical form is taken to be delivered to us and shared here as a song for the world itself. A breath of the people, by the people, for the breath itself is manifesting the joy into being and exalting its infinite power of creativity through itself as the breath is the human spirit !

Indeed the celebration with desmond green and our brothers and sisters celebrating their consciousness their breaths distilling the joy with the endless abundance of the breath creating love through the music bringing it to us to share with ourselves.

It is ourselves that we are celebrating it is our love we are creating.

We are our breaths we know we are our breaths.

Celebrate with us that our breath is our god our spark of the divine and know that what you give through the breath is of yourself for you are your breaths you are the love you create and as you accept yourself as the love created by your breath, your breath which loves you, your breath which loves me, as we truly love 1 another we, our breath.

As the world self management institute in jamaica brings to us this song for the world this song of the people of the breath celebrate and know that you are your breath!

I am my breath I am my spirit I sing with you in celebration I know that I am love.

Operating from the iK, the iKnow platform, we are all in a field of play.  The game is open for you to join.  When do you want to start playing?  Now of course!  Autometrics allows us to discard the useless  meters imposed on us by our own acceptance of Society’s accusatory mis-measurements.

Occupy My Breath


Society enjoys giving us bad meters to occupy our daily thinking processes.

The Self-Image is yours and you control your perception of your self through self-acceptance.

Accept yourself as your Breath.

The process of self-creation occurs one breath at a time.





My breath is speaking me into being,

Uploading all of how eye am feeling,

Into who and what eye am knowing,

As myself and my living universe,

And the realms we currently traverse……

(((((((((((breathe consciously)))))))))))


The breath speaks through everything to everyone.
Are you listening?
The breath is in you.
Just Breathe Consciously!

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